L.A. Puppy Love is a state-of–the-art facility, using the finest equipment. Our mobile salon is self-contained, bright, roomy and spotlessly cleaned. After each grooming session, all tools are cleaned and sterilized to eliminate any fleas, airborne bacteria and flying pet hair. Our priority is to provide a safe and sanitized working environment.

Other features of the van include:
• Hot and cold water on demand for temperature controlled bathing.
• Hydrotherapy bathing system: a multiple pressurized massage system to loosen dead hair.
• Electric grooming table, adjustable for large breeds.
• Full size stainless steel bathing tub for easy cleaning.
• Central air conditioning and thermostat controlled heater
• High tech vacuum system to effectively sanitize after each grooming, leaving a clean and fresh atmosphere.
• Use of natural and biodegradable cleaning agent. Safe for pets and for the environment.

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