Your pet’s safety and comfort are our number one priority while they are in our care.  All new clients will receive an initial consultation regarding your pet’s history….. allergies, medical conditions, and other sensitivities. 

Options for spa treatments and hair styles will be discussed. Feel free to enjoy our mobile salon while your furry friend is enjoying his pampering session. We provide you with a post-groom report on your pet’s progress at the end of each grooming session

L.A. Puppy Love specializes in both beautifying your pup and promoting wellness. We have created a 15 point checklist to thoroughly ensure the well-being of your pet, including teeth, skin, fur, and ears.

We offer two luxurious full service packages:
The Bathworks and The Stylish Cut

Bathworks spa treatment includes:
• Ear cleaning
• Eye debris removal
• Teeth brushing & mouthwash
• Initial brushout
• Check for fleas, hotspots, & other skin irritations
• Gland expression
• Tearless blueberry facial scrub
• Natural shampoo wash
• Deep conditioning
• Heated hydrotherapy massage
• Hand-fluff blow dry
• Final brush out
• Pawicure- Nails clipping & filing
• Moisturing balm for dry pads
• Sanitary Trim - trim around the paws and private areas if necessary
• Bandana/Bows/fragrances upon owner’s request

The Stylish Cut includes all-of-the above plus:
• Haircut to breed standard or owner’s preference
• Dematting or Deshedding

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